Which States Allow Recreational Use of Marijuana?

The state of Washington recently passed measures to allow the recreational use of marijuana, no prescription needed. While the Justice Department had the authority to block the new law and prevent it from coming into force, it was not their intention to do so.

Thursday, December 6 was called “legalization day” in Washington. On 6th November, the voters of the extreme northwest state have endorsed the “Initiative 502″ legalizing the possession and consumption of marijuana for personal and recreational use of up to an ounce (28 grams) of marijuana. Measure passed by a margin of twelve points, 56% against 44%.

Washington medical marijuana dispensaries will be the stop of choice for recreational users as well as patients to get their medicine.

During the same election on 6 November, Colorado voters approved 53% a measure called “Amendment 64,” which not only allows the possession and consumption of marijuana but also “regulates” trade. It is to say that this product will now be “taxed”. Like alcohol! From this, the state is expected to see an increase in the opening of Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries.

Three other states have voted on measures affecting cannabis. Oregon, which borders the State of Washington to the south, and yet deemed very “progressive” has rejected a law similar to that of its neighbor, Montana has authorized the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes, while in Arkansas an equivalent proposal was defeated for medical marijuana and medical marijuana dispensaries.

Thus, recreational marijuana is now legal in the United States in two states, Colorado and Washington, and authorized for medical purposes in those states as wellIt was California, which had first launched this movement with its Proposition 215 in 1996, extolling the virtues of medical marijuana on pain patients sick with cancer or AIDS. Shortly after, medical marijuana dispensaries started to arise to give patients a safe place to receive their medicine, medical marijuana.

The passing of recreational marijuana in Washington is the culmination of forty years of campaigning and we are sure to see a growth in Washington medical marijuana dispensaries.

According to an Angus Reid Public Opinion, 54% of Americans would support the legalization of marijuana and even 61% in New England to include 65% of 18-34 year olds. This enthusiasm is relatively recent. In 1990, there was only 24% support for legalization. In 2011, it was 50%.  For Americans, the “war against drugs” is perceived as a failure, and the money invested in repression is wasted.  Medical marijuana, recreational use of marijuana and medical marijuana dispensaries have been voted in by the voters, and the support to help them grow is only getting stronger.

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