Taunton Accepting of Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Taunton Accepting of Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Since the legalization of Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensaries, many cities across the state have take proactive measures to get a head start on devloping zoning bylaws in their respective cities that will impact the dispensaries. Taunton, Massachusetts is one such city.

Taunton city officials discussing the zoning of Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits.

Just last week city officials gathered and decided to move in a direction that will adopt amendments to an ordinance that will define what constitutes a medical marijuana dispensary. Additionally, discussions were held that centered around prohibiting dispensaries from doing business in any zoning district that has not already been pre-designated for industrial or business.

Kevin Scanlon, director of planninc and conservation for the city of Taunton, is also advising that Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensaries in Taunton require a special permit from the city Council that would carry a special industrial designation. The special categorization which would be industrial district SP2, would restrict the medical marijuana dispensaries to industrial zones.

Mayor Thomas Hoye Jr. is cautioning against overreaction towards Massachsuetts medical marijuana dispensaries in Taunton.

We need to take a sensible approach. First and foremost we’ve got to recognize that the voters overwhelmingly supported (the ballot measure) and to honor that vote.

Massachsuetts medical marijuana dispensaries were legalized collectively by 60% of voters in Massachusetts this past November. The non-profit dispensaries will provide a safe and legal place for sufferers of chronic illnesses and diseases to obtain medical marijuana which has proven to have tremendous medicinal and healing powers.

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