Consumers have questions about Washington Medical and Recreational Marijuana, along with owning and operating marijuana dispensaries and retail operations.

On this page you will find resources that address your questions surrounding Issue #5 – Washington Medical Marijuana.  The resources below have all been vetted and hand picked by the staff of Kind Clinics as to provide you the most relevant content surrounding Washington medical, and recreational marijuana.

You will also be able to find information and articles about opening marijuana dispensaries, and how using a medical marijuana consultant like Kind Clinics can give you the best chance at becoming a successful dispensary owner and operator.

Washington State Department of Health Medical Marijuana – Passage of Initiative 502 – Legalizing Marijuana

Washington State Law RCW: 69.51A Medical Cannabis (Formerly Medical Marijuana)

Washington State Medical Association

ACLU Guide to Washington’s Medical Marijuana Law

Medical Use of Cannabis Act Health Care Professional Authorization

Standing Room Only for Washington Marijuana Forum

Legal Split on Washington Marijuana Continues

Washington Medical Marijuana Dispensaries a Few Things to Know