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A pair of medical marijuana bills are pending in the New York State Senate.

Two medical marijuana related bills have been presented to the State Senate and New York General Assembly.  If just one of the two new bills passes, medical marijuana patients would be allowed to have up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana on their person.  The bills, Senate Bill 4406 and Senate Bill 6357 were introduced by Senator Diane Savino and Manhattan Assemblyman Richard Gottfried.

The push to legalize marijuana in New York has gained tremendous support this year and many advocates believe 2013 will be the year  that New York medical marijuana will become a reality, joining the ranks of the 18 other states that have already legalized the drug.

The Department of Health would be oversee New York medical marijuana program

Medical marijuana is used among patients who have serious and chronic illnesses such as HIV, glaucoma and cancer.  It is only fitting that any type of medical marijuana in New York be governed by the State Department of Health.  Qualifying medical marijuana patients would have to register with the state and pay a fee to obtain a state issued New York medical marijuana card.  Only after registered patients have a physicians recommendation and prescription for the drug would they be able to get it from a licensed dispensary.  The bills do not talk about where or how the marijuana would be cultivated, leaving questions as to if medical marijuana dispensary owners would be able to grow it themselves.

The number of New York medical marijuana dispensaries is still in question.

Just how many medical marijuana dispensaries the Empire State would see is still unknown.  If the bill passes, the State Health Commission would then work on defining the program requirements to include how many dispensaries and grow operations would be allowed.  In many states, medical marijuana dispensary numbers are very limited and tightly controlled by state law and health officials.  Regardless of how many dispensaries the state ultimately allows, if the bill passes, the number of dispensary applicants is always much higher than the allotted number of clinics.

Patients and their families in New York have suffered far too long because New York continues its retrograde approach to marijuana policies, even as other states move forward with more sensible approaches. A growing body of research shows that medical marijuana can be an effective treatment for a number of serious conditions. People living with multiple sclerosis, cancer, Parkinson’s, HIV/AIDS and other debilitating conditions should not have to wait any longer to get access to a medicine that may help alleviate their pain and other symptoms. There is simply no sensible reason for patients and their families to wait any longer for relief. – Deputy Director of the Drug Policy Alliance’s New York offices, Julie Netherland

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