Convert Your Existing Clinic to a Kind Clinic

Gain local and national marketing support

Thank you for considering joining the Kind Clinics group of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. The world of medical marijuana is growing at lightning speed and so has the competition from the dispensaries that are opening all around your dispensary.

It is extremely important for Dispensary Operators to have MARKETING DOMINATION in their local towns and regions. If you are not growing your sales you will eventually be eliminated by your competition. If you have seen competition from other medical marijuana dispensaries in your town drive down your sales or if you simply have lost market share for any reason, then Kind Clinics is your answer.

Licensing the name Kind Clinics will expose your dispensary to a tremendous amount of people in your area looking for high quality medicine. We have national, state and local marketing campaigns highly targeted for the medical marijuana patient seeking your services and medicine. Our results have been spectacular. We GUARANTEE YOU WILL HAVE MORE SALES WITH OUR LICENSING PROGRAM than you did prior. Please see our marketing page for a more detailed description of what we are providing for all our dispensary clients.

Our goal is simple… Create MARKET DOMINATION for all our licensees at economical prices. Please contact us so we may begin to help you dominate in your town.