The Mayor of San Diego, Ca. Bob Filner, effectively declares an end to the war on medical marijuana in his city

Mayor Filner sent a letter ordering the civil prosecutors to stop the crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries. In the letter sent to the police chief, city attorney and the city’s Neighborhood Code Compliance Department, Filner instructed the departments to halt all prosecutions of city zoning code violations of medical marijuana dispensaries. The City Attorney responded to Filner’s call for an end to the prosecutions in a letter that said, “We will, of course, comply with that direction.”

San Diego Medical Marijuana Executive Summary

As a result of the Mayor’s announcement, Kind Clinics will be actively assisting clients with permitting and technology needs in concert with the City, as it pertains to medical marijuana dispensaries.

Kind Clinics and Medbox are currently acquiring 20-30 appropriately zoned locations for clients in the city of San Diego. Our first mover response to the mayor’s actions will guarantee our clients being one of the first medical marijuana dispensaries permitted in the city. This will guarantee clients a competition free buffer from other dispensaries.

This opportunity is very limited. First come first served will get the opportunity to have a dispensary in San Diego. Contact us immediately if interested. These locations will not last.

As the industry leading medical marijuana consulting firm, Kind Clinics assists with all aspects associated with applying for, opening, and operating a legal and compliant medical marijuana dispensary.  Our rare blend of superior dispensing technology and consulting will be the first of its kind in the new San Diego medical marijuana dispensary market.

How the Medbox dispensing system works.

The Medbox machine, stationed behind-the-counter, will allow future dispensary operators to document that the user has the proper authority (physician’s recommendation or age requirement in recreational usages). Each transaction is tracked internally for accounting and compliance purposes. Consumer information is all kept securely on site and is not online as the software is completely self-supportive and does not require an internet connection. The Medbox dispensing machine will be at the control of the dispensary/retail employee as an inventory management and compliance tool.

Medbox Benefits

  • Inventory control and lower overhead for operators
  • Safe and convenient access for patrons
  • Sterile environment for medicine storage
  • Limits on amounts dispensed in concert with state law
  • Fraud prevention as every transaction is documented
  • Guaranteed compliance to state and local laws
  • Unparalleled accounting and tracking
  • Real-time taxation reporting to cities and states

The future for the medical marijuana services industry looks bright in San Diego. Please contact us immediately if you are interested in learning more about this limited opportunity.

The primary goal of Kind Clinics is to be the best consulting group in the medical marijuana industry and to create the most compassionate, safe, and legally compliant dispensaries in the industry. If you are interested in becoming a future dispensary operator, we would like to speak with you.
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