Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Dispensary – What is the Law?

Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensary and medical marijuana bill would allow dispensaries statewide.

Massachusetts could become the 17th state to legalize medical marijuana and medical marijuana dispensaries, and a bill will be voted on this fall by Massachusetts registered voters.  If the bill passes, then medical patients suffering from illnesses such as glaucoma, cancer and other chronic diseases could purchase medical marijuana from a Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensary with a prescription from their doctor.

Patients who would be able to legally use medical marijuana could also purchase infusions, or edibles as they are often referred to from a Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensary.

Marijuana does not have to always be smoked in order to battle the effects of illnesses such as chronic pain, seizures and nausea.  Medical marijuana has been shown to relive pain without impairing the mental ability the way some prescription drugs can.  In order for patients to be able to legally purchase marijuana from a Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensary they would have to have a doctor recommend the use of medical marijuana for their qualifying conditions.  It is recommended that those doctor’s register with the DEA under the U.S. Department of Justice just as doctors that regularly prescribe any controlled substance.

Individuals interested in an opening a Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensary should seek the advice of a medical marijuana dispensary consultant that understands the laws and regulations associated with opening a dispensary.

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