Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Welcome in Wendell

Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Welcome in Wendell

While many towns and communities across Massachusetts are seeking ways in which to ban medical marijuana dispensaries from opening, the town of Wendell, Massachusetts is going to be asking voters to create an invitation to welcome Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensaries to the small town.  During the annual town meeting on Monday June 3rd, voters will find a resolution which will declare the town a “medical marijuana dispensary friendly community”. The town meeting is scheduled for 7:00pm EST in the old Town Hall.

Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensaries gaining support.

The article, which will welcome medical marijuana business to the town of Wendell, was requested by a group of residents at a recent Selectboard meeting.  Upon reviewing the request, the board agreed to make it part of the annual town meeting warrant.  While the act is in its infancy, it is showing signs of interest and support.

The article proposes that the town declares itself….

Medical marijuana-friendly community, in support of the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana program, and encourages individuals and organizations interested in siting an organic cultivation or distribution facility … to engage citizens and town officials in discussions about ways to retain local control, create local jobs and to ensure that zoning, planning, health and safety issues would be properly addressed.  The Town of Wendell has a long history as a nexus of holistic health and healing, spiritual enlightenment and social awareness, and a passion for agriculture and gardening.

The establishment of regional medical marijuana production and medical marijuana dispensaries are important elements in the development and implementation of the Massachusetts medical marijuana program. Towns and communities like Wendell that support and welcome the new industry often attract investors who are interested in opening a Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensary, which can undoubtedly lead to increase revenue and opportunities for such a small community. 

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