Illinois Medical Marijuana Dispensaries at Least One Year Away

Illinois Medical Marijuana Dispensaries at Least One Year Away

While the bill that would legalize Illinois medical marijuana and Illinois medical marijuana dispensaries is making progress, the state of Illinois is at least one year away from seeing its first legalized medical marijuana dispensary open should the bill pass.  The bill known as House Bill 1,  is currently waiting approval by Illinois state Governor Quinn.  Medical marijuana advocates are anxious to see if Quinn will end up signing the bill.  He has gone on the record saying that he is “open-minded” to medical marijuana.

Sixty Illinois medical marijuana dispensaries would be allowed in the bill passes.

Should the bill pass, not only would it legalize the use of medical marijuana for qualifying patients, but it would allow for the opening of up to sixty Illinois medical marijuana dispensaries. In order for a patient to obtain medical marijuana from a Illinois medical marijuana dispensary, the patient would have to qualify for one of more than forty debilitating, or terminally ill disease such as HIV, cancer, glaucoma, or multiple sclerosis.

Illinois medical marijuana House Bill 1 passed by a vote of 35-21.

Only thirty votes were needed for House Bill 1 to pass through the Illinois Senate.  If Governor Quinn signs off on the bill, twenty-two cultivators would be allowed to cultivate and process marijuana for the Illinois medical marijuana dispensaries. Outside of having a qualifying condition for medical marijuana, qualifying patients would have to already have an established relationship with their physician before the physician would be allowed to recommend the patient be able to use medical marijuana.  

Illinois would have one of the more stringent medical marijuana dispensary programs which is why patients wouldn’t see the first Illinois medical marijuana dispensary open for at least one year after the passing of House Bill 1, to allow the state to further research, develop, and implement a role model worthy Illinois medical marijuana dispensary program.

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