Illinois Medical Marijuana Decision Impending

Illinois Medical Marijuana Decision Impending

Illinois medical marijuana advocates are holding out hope that Governor Quinn will sign a pending bill in the coming weeks that would legalize medical marijuana in Illinois.  On the other hand, opponents of the medicinal drug are continuously bringing up concerns about problems that medical marijuana legalization has caused in other states, and fear that Illinois could be faced with the same problems.

Illinois medical marijuana patients are convincing lawmakers to pass the law.

Lawmakers have been convinced to pass the law by those who support medical marijuana and are chronically ill.  Knowing that legalizing Illinois medical marijuana would improve the lives of those patients suffering from chronic illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, HIV, and cancer has helped lawmakers get the bill on the desk of Governor Quinn.  While many can admit that medical marijuana helps improve the quality of life for ill patients, Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel’s biggest objection revolves around medical marijuana patients who get behind the wheel.

Their reactions are slow. It could either just cause erratic driving or in some cases they may be involved in auto accidents

Ironically enough, there is a lack of documented studies that confirm Weitzel’s fears about medical marijuana patients who might drive while high.  A recent study reviewed 16 states that have legalized medical marijuana and found that deaths stemming from traffic accidents had dropped by 9 percent.  In that same study researchers reviewed the impact of marijuana on teenagers and determined that 11 of those 16 states saw less teenagers using the drug.  Opponents are also concerned with registered medical marijuana patients buying marijuana from Illinois medical marijuana dispensaries and then selling it illegally.  To help prevent this, anyone that is caught doing this would be banned form purchasing medical marijuana from an Illinois dispensary.


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