Future of Colorado Adult Use Marijuana Becoming More Clear

More light was shed on the future of the Colorado adult use marijuana industry this past Thursday as the Colorado Amendment 64 Task Force completed the task of developing new proposals surrounding recreational use marijuana in Colorado.

Colorado recreational use marijuana will be heavily taxed.

The Amendment 64 Task Force is proposing that recreational marijuana be cultivated indoors, be banned from being smoked at bars to include restaurants, and amongst all proposals, be heavily taxed. Additionally, Colorado adult use marijuana could only purchased by residents of Colorado and all sales of the drug would be heavily monitored by a designated group of state regulators.

Regulated Colorado recreational marijuana industry will set standards for other states to follow.

Nearly one hundred issues that could potentially be impacted by legalized adult use marijuana in Colorado were given consideration by the task force as they labored for months over how to develop proposals. Eventually policies pertaining to protecting children, how to label marijuana products, and taxation were endorsed by the task force.

The collective recommendations are representation of ideas and development that will help to regulate the future Colorado adult use marijuana industry. As more states work to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, all eyes will be on the state of Colorado as they help to pioneer an industry that our country has collectively been opposed to by state, and federal lawmakers.

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