Connecticut Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Open for Business

Nearly two years after it was legalized, the first sales of medical marijuana were rung up in Connecticut Monday, ending more than 80 years of a wide-ranging ban on the substance. More than two dozen customers flocked to The Healing …

Connecticut Releases Draft of Rules Surrounding Medical Marijuana

Connecticut Releases Draft of Rules Surrounding Medical Marijuana

The state of Connecticut made progress towards the sale, use, and cultivation of medical marijuana this past Wednesday, when the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection handed 74 pages of draft regulations over to the governor. The draft of the rules answers …

Connecticut Medical Marijuana Workshop to be Held in Durham This Month

Connecticut medical marijuana workshop will be held in Durham, CT later this month. The Durham Middlefield Youth and Family Services will sponsor a workshop entitled “Unraveling the Truth About Marijuana and Its Impact On Our Kids” later this month.  The workshop is …

Connecticut Medical Marijuana Legalized with Strict Regulations

Connecticut Medical Marijuana moved forward with is legalization of medical marijuana as an alternative medicine this year. With its passing, Connecticut became the 17th state to legalize medical marijuana’s use as a viable alternative to conventional treatment. With its passing …

Connecticut Medical Marijuana Registration Will Begin October 1

Connecticut Medical Marijuana Registration Will Begin October 1st, but a way to legally by medical marijuana has yet to be put in place in CT. The law that will allow the use of medical marijuana in CT will formally be in …

Medical Marijuana Vending Machine is ‘Secure & Easy’

Ghis is a Good Morning Connecticut promo from Kind Clinics’ visit to Hartford, Connecticut.

Connecticut Viewers Share Thoughts on MEDBOX Medical Marijuana Dispensary Story

Connecticut consumers share their opinion about Kind Clinics’ MEDBOX medical marijuana dispensing machine.

Kind Clinics Discusses Medical Marijuana Dispensaries with WTIC-AM Radio

Dr. Bruce Bedrick, DC speaks about the Connecticut medical marijuana law, and how Kind Clinics and MEDBOX are designed to make medicine accessible in a secure, regulated manner. For more about Kind Clinics, visit:

Kind Clinics Demonstrates the MEDBOX for Fox Connecticut

FOX News – Hartford, CT interviews Dr. Bruce Bedrick, DC from Kind Clinics about the MEDBOX technology.

Kind Clinics Introduces Secure Medical Marijuana Dispensing Solution to CT

One company that just opened in Connecticut is offering something different, a medical marijuana dispensing machine that uses secure technology.