How to Open a Dispensary in Colorado

As the acceptance and legalization of medical marijuana continues to spread across the country, so do the opportunities for getting into the medical marijuana dispensary business.  CNBC estimates that the marijuana industry may be as worth as much as $45 …

Florida Medical Marijuana Amendment

Opponents have made many arguments against Florida’s proposed medical marijuana amendment, but here’s a new one: They say patients would be able to get an unlimited amount of pot should the measure pass. Dr. Rafael Miguel, director of the Sarasota …

Does Medical Marijuana Legalization help Reduce Pain Killer Abuse?

According to a study recently released by JAMA Internal Medicine, states that have legalized some form of medical marijuana are experiencing less deaths related to painkiller overdoses. Medical marijuana has been shown to be effective at managing the side effects of …

Florida Medical Marijuana Preview

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Twenty Five Oregon Dispensaries Get Approved to Open

To date, twenty-five Oregon dispensaries have had their dispensary applications approved.  The dispensaries will be allowed to open their doors for business once they receive their state approved registration certificates in the mail.  The first wave of dispensaries approved happened …

NY Families Want Medical Marijuana Available Now

Illinois Medical Marijuana Patients Can Apply Soon

New York Medical Marijuana Advertised in NY Times

A week after the New York Times called for the legalization of marijuana in an editorial, a full-page ad for a company that helps marijuana users find the drug will appear in its pages. In an ad in Sunday’s edition …

Colorado has Most Developed Recreational Marijuana Program in the Industry

Opening a Medical Marijuana Dispensary, a Brief Overview

Opening a Medical Marijuana Dispensary, a Brief Overview

As more and more states are passing legislation legalizing various forms of medical marijuana, business entrepreneurs and consumers alike are searching to gain an understanding of the industry.  Kind Clinics Medical Marijuana Dispensaries exist to help individuals perform and reach …

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