Why Kind Clinics

Why Kind Clinics for you medical marijuana dispensary needs?

MEDBOX Medical Marijuana Dispensing Machine

Our turnkey solutions are designed to get your medical marijuana dispensary up and running quickly, efficiently and with the highest level of legal compliance.

Operational Support

The Process

How we help you to establish a Kind Clinics Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Consulting ProcessWe provide new dispensary operators with everything they need to succeed. With our business model, common pitfalls are avoided and financial risk is minimized.  The dispensing and tracking technology we include with every package allows your business to be run from a smaller location with fewer employees. This model is designed to minimize legal and financial risk while simultaneously providing for the highest possible revenue margins.  Combine this low risk model with strategic advertising and web campaign and you have all the ingredients to be tremendously successful.  The Process Opening your dispensary occurs in three phases. These can be completed in just a few weeks. They are:

Phase 1: We will establish your corporation, obtain your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), find a suitable location for your business, and apply for state and local permits for operation of a medical marijuana dispensary in your area.

Phase 2: Our company will then build-out the dispensary which includes interior construction, installation of security cameras and DVR system, alarm, heavy-duty safe, retail display cabinets, office equipment, computers, furniture, cash register, and our affiliate company’s patented Dispensing Machine. We will also begin the marketing launch phase of your dispensary.

Phase 3: We deliver your complete turn-key dispensary that is fully functional and ready to open for business with tremendous marketing support.


Technology, Security & Benefits

We will assist you with all documentation regarding your own Kind Clinics™

MEDBOX Medical Marijuana Dispensing MachineOur affiliate company, Medicine Dispensing Systems, patented dispensing machine is included with every turn-key dispensary. MDS’s patented machine and software technology has been featured on CNN, Reuter’s, Associated Press, BBC, ABC, and many other news sources and has received 100% positive reviews. The newly designed machine allows new dispensaries the following benefits:

  • The most comprehensive inventory management tool for pharmacy operators in existence.
  • Strict compliance with California’s SB420 and Proposition 215 as well as all other States.
  • Patients are given cash contribution member identification cards coded with their unique fingerprint and dispensed medication at the machine only after the patient’s identity and physician’s statement expiration date has been verified.
  • Pharmacy operators have the power to restrict patients to a designated quantity dispensed at the machine per day, week, etc.
  • New touchscreen user interface allows patients to choose from up to 50 different varieties of medicine in 4 different quantities: 1 Gram, 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, and 14 Grams.
  • Patients can still inspect the medicine contained in the machine during normal business hours at the pharmacy through over-the-counter inspection and have medicine dispensed over the counter with the same member contribution card used at the machine with our patented POS system.
  • Since cash is transacted on prepaid cards, tracking clinic income and expenses is made easy, and stays completely confidential as the  system and data are all maintained on-site.
  • Machine comes with a full warranty for mechanical and software defects for the life of the machine.


Security & Benefits

We will assist you with security for your own Kind Clinics™

Kind Clinics Security MeasuresWe use a combination of technologies to prevent fraudulent purchases of medicinal marijuana.  The biometric verification device checks each person’s unique fingerprint.  A camera takes photographs of each person using the machine.  A pre-established and pre-paid store card also ensures that each person is verified to purchase the medication.  Customers can purchase a variety of strains of marijuana in a range of quantities.

Kind Clinics locations will offer the following features: 

  • Medicine Dispensing Systems (MDS) Patented Dispensing Machine
  • Biometric verification
  • Pre-paid credit identification
  • Automatic photograph tracking

Medicinal Marijuana:

  • In quantities of 1 gram, 3.5 grams, 7, grams, & 14 grams
  • Up to 50 different varieties of marijuana for patient’s to choose from

Before using the Medicine Dispensing Systems (MDS) Patented Dispensing Machine, customers must go to the reception area to obtain a pre-paid ID card, provide biometric information, and provide all necessary proof of doctor’s statement recommending the medical use of marijuana and personal identification for pre-registration.  After registering with dispensary, the customer will be able to access medical marijuana via the dispensing machine at all hours of the day.


Permits, Licensing & Location

We will assist you with in the licensing of your own Kind Clinics™

medical marijuana permitNo need to worry about any legal or real estate costs, responsibilities, or hoops to jump through; we take care of all that and more.  If you operate a Kind Clinic we will do all the work for you:

  • Form your legal entity for operation of a Medical Cannabis Collective and secure a Tax ID certification from the IRS.
  • Assist in securing a properly zoned location, apply  for tax registration (Business License).
  • File of all required paperwork with the subject City regarding operation of a medical cannabis collective pursuant to new regulations and requirements.
  • Provide you a turn-key collective with furniture, fixtures, security system, alarm, heavy-duty safe, flat screen television and any other items needed to operate the business.


Consulting, Training & Legal Support

We will assist you with the legalities of owning Kind Clinics™

medical marijuana dispensary legal supportOur company provides you the training necessary to run your dispensary successfully. We will teach you everything from day-to-day management steps to marketing guidance based on industry experience. You do not need to invent your business from scratch as we will lead you in the right direction.

As with any new industry, medical marijuana business trends are evolving and it is a challenge to stay informed. However, you will have access to our knowledgeable professionals with industry experience so that you may stay “in the loop”.

Finally, we provide optional legal consulting, which is critical due to the dynamic nature of this industry. With the newly regulated marijuana industry, change is inevitable. We will help your cooperative remain fluid and able to adapt to changes.  Also, with our tracking and dispensing tools, you will have the highest level of legal protection available. All dispensary purchases will be monitored, all sales are tracked, and there will be no tax surprises at the end of the year.

We make your business simple and safe to operate.


Marketing Support

Harness the Power of National Publicity & Local Marketing

The Kind Clinics™ Marketing and Publicity Power is unsurpassed in the industry. Our national team works with each new dispensary that opens to develop a customized local launch, an ongoing campaign, and a national exposure campaign.

The KIND CLINICS™ Marketing & Publicity department will launch a
campaign to assist you in promoting the Grand Opening of your new location.

A combination of local publicity, word of mouth networking, local database building, online advertising makes for a comprehensive launch campaign.

You are ultimately responsible for the success of your KIND CLINIC, and with the help of our centralized and specialized publicity and marketing team, you dramatically increase your odds. Your marketing team can assist with:

  • Strategy Development
  • Direct Mailing
  • Media Management
  • Public Relations
  • Business Cards, Letterhead, Brochures, etc.
  • Database & Affiliate
  • Marketing
  • Website & Landing Page Design
  • Physical Networking
  • Campaigns
  • Article Marketing
  • Online & Print Advertising
  • Video Marketing
  • Political Action
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Event Marketing