Kind Clinics and Medbox Highlights

Dr. Bruce Bedrick and Medbox Machine

Dr. Bruce Bedrick stands in front of a Medbox mock dispensary. Medbox is the safest, most secure and legally compliant medical marijuana dispensing solution in the industry.

  • Kind Clinics and Medbox are currently the only companies to offer a unique and proprietary package of industry specific consulting to potential dispensary licensees in newly approved medical marijuana  states as well as patented technology once the applicants are awarded licenses.
  • The Medbox Patented technology is the safest, most secure and legally compliant pharmacy inventory control and dispensing system in the industry
  • More than 100 dispensaries opened for clients across North America
  • None of the 100 dispensaries have experienced crime or harassment from state or federal law enforcement officials or agencies
  • Experienced team of professionals including physicians, attorneys, MBA’s, real estate and zoning experts, lobbyists, and security experts
  • 110 Dispensary applications submitted to the state of Arizona out of a total 484 for the entire state (approximately 23%). All were substantively complete and accepted by the state for inclusion in their lottery drawing to be held August 7th.
  • Awarded 20 Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licenses, out of 97 total allocated by the state, for our  AZ clients.  This figure represents the largest award for any consulting group, attorney firm, individual, group or entity applying on behalf of clients or themselves.
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