About Medbox

The Medbox, is the industry’s best and only automated medicine dispensing technology.  

The Medbox can either be placed behind the counter to be controlled and operated by dispensary staff or can be located in the secured dispensing area of the medical marijuana dispensary where patients themselves can interact with the technology. Regardless of who operates the Medbox, its the safest and most secure way to inventory control and dispense medicine.


Medbox (MDS)

The Medbox utilizes biometrics to identify users before dispensing and electronics to verify the validity of the patients state medical marijuana card, a physician’s authorization for the user to possess the drug, and the ability to limit a patients dosage based on state law.

The Medbox is secure and can hold up to 60 different types medicine and each channel can hold up to ten vials.  As a result, the machine can inventory and dispense up to 600 vials of medicine.  The Medbox has a variety of security features that include:  biometric identity verification of the patient coupled with a stored-value magnetic swipe card operated via a touch-screen interface; an automated confirmation that the physician’s recommendation for the drugs usage and the state issued

Stocked Medbox (MDS)

Stocked Medbox (MDS)

Medical marijuana id card is active; confirmation that the patient has sufficient funds on deposit in their dispensary account to acquire the medicine (think of a prepaid medical card); as well as limitations on how much medicine patients receive based on state law. The system can organize, track, dispense, itemize transactions, and offers unparalleled inventory management.  The system offers a  variety of daily reports.

 The Medbox is climate controlled to keep medicine at the optimal temperature to promote freshness. A separate Medbox, Medibles machine is available for refrigerated medicines that can only be used in conjunction with the medicine machine.  Besides having a patient “self-serve” embodiment, the Medbox can interface with a countertop point-of-sale system and dispense product as instructed by a staff member or pharmacist of the dispensary. Aside from automation, security, and data tracking, a Medbox can allow a pharmacy to increase volume capacity without increasing staff, all with enhanced levels of security and inventory control.

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