About Kind Clinics

The primary goal of Kind Clinics is to be the best consulting group in the medical marijuana dispensary industry and create the most compassionate, safe, and legally compliant medical marijuana dispensary brand in the country.

One of the key components in achieving our goals is performance and implementation of the Medbox technology. The inventory control, storage and dispensing monitoring this technology uses is the undisputed leader in compliance in the industry.  Combining our knowledge, experience and technology provides our clients and the industry the best chance of success with the least risk when operating a dispensary.

About the Founder

Dr. Bruce Bedrick DC

Dr. Bruce Bedrick DC

Kind Clinics was created as an evolution in the  career of Dr. Bruce Bedrick, DC after many years in practice.  Dr.Bruce Bedrick, DC is a highly accomplished, versatile and respected physician and business owner with over 16 years of diverse and innovative experience.

During the years of active practice, Dr. Bedrick was primarily focused on helping patients with chronic and degenerative conditions, and assisting athletes who were seeking to improve performance. He was respected and sought out by patients and athletes because of his use and knowledge of holistic therapies as well as his unique abilities for helping people heal quickly.

Dr. Bedrick lost his mother to metastatic breast cancer when he was only 10 years old.  The devastating personal loss he suffered as a child combined with working in the alternative medicine field as an adult, served as the best preparation to become a leader in the medical marijuana industry. Continuing with his Holistic philosophy, Dr. Bedrick wants to help as many people as possible live a better, more fulfilled, and pain free life.

With the development of Kind Clinics, he is creating the opportunity for those patients that need  medical marijuana medicine and those people who want to work in the industry acquire their medicine and achieve their goals.  Today,  Dr. Bedrick is the CEO of both Kind Clinics and Medbox inc.  (OTC: MDBX).

With California’s decriminalization of alternative medicines in 1996, a great deal of media attention was focused on the burgeoning medical marijuana industry.

This newly minted industry was becoming populated by predominantly so-called mom-and-pop operations.  Our business model was developed to cater to the needs of operators who would be subject to increasingly complex laws and regulations.

In 2010 Dr. Bedrick, DC joined Vince Mehdizadeh, the founder and patent holder of the Medbox. Over  time and with our years of successful experience consulting in the industry, we have tailored a medical marijumana dispensary business model that is risk averse, strives for equity preservation, requires less manpower to operate than your traditional dispensary and of course offers unparalleled inventory management, dispensing and security.

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