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Dr. Bruce Bedrick Demonstrates the Medbox in Boston, MA.

Latest MMJ News

Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary Moratoriums Increasing

As the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana continue to grow, those interested in opening a medical marijuana dispensary in Oregon are still faced with challenges.  While Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries have been legalized, according to the League of … More

Nevada Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In the Near Future?

It appears as though Nevada medical marijuana dispensaries could open sooner than later in North Las Vegas.  A city that was once opposed to allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to open in their town has now had a change of mind and is moved forward in creating rules and … More

Bert Martinez Welcomes Bruce Bedrick

Popular Business Internet Radio with MoneyForLunch on BlogTalkRadio … More

One More Hurdle for the Groundbreaking Medical Marijuana Study on PTSD

The University of Arizona is just one hurdle away from undertaking a groundbreaking study on the impact of medical marijuana on veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. “The fact that there has not been any controlled trial to establish how the plant minimizes … More